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ISSN(online): 2522-1752



Rebkalo Mykola, Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

Language: ukrainian


In the article the author presents the problems of legality and discipline improvement that are important conditions for serving in criminal and executive system by the citizens of Ukraine as this process is ensured by the total legal order strengthening in penitentiary bodies. At the same time discipline and legality are important elements in the activity of the penitentiary service relations which are regulated by laws. Strengthening legality and discipline leads to higher level of law and order in penitentiary bodies and, on the contrary, law and order breaking causes its weakening. Breaking legality requirements causes deformation of criminal and executive relations, inviolability and undermining of law and order in penitentiary bodies and institutions. In the article the author analyses the problems of legality and discipline among the personnel of the state penitentiary service of Ukraine. Legality and discipline in the state penitentiary service of Ukraine have double substance. This is caused by the special character of the tasks done by the penitentiary service. On one hand, there is a need to maintain the regime of serving a sentence by convicts. On the other hand, the personnel’s service activity, its regulations require to observe legality and discipline. The author considers the factors that improve the state of legality and discipline of the personnel in the state penitentiary service of Ukraine. They are ensuring the high level of legal culture, providing effective conditions for service activity intensification, organizing the effective system of service activity and discipline evaluation, improving the mechanism of controlling over personnel’s legality and discipline observing. The author defines that the above-mentioned factors can greatly improve the conditions of service activity, its providing with modern technical aids, forming the mechanism of counteraction against the danger to personnel’s life and health, selecting pretenders to vacant positions, forming the staff reserve and etc. The author suggests representing the mentioned factors of improving the personnel’s legality and discipline in the project of regulations of the personnel’s service of state penitentiary service of Ukraine.

Key words:

penitentiary personnel; legality; official discipline; service activity staff; legal culture of staff; factors improving the law and discipline


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