(electronic scientific journal)

ISSN(online): 2522-1752

№2 (4), 2017

1. Butko Mykola — The essence of economics of knowledge and mechanisms of the state influence on the processes of its development.
2. Oliychenko Igor — The improvement of the system of rendering administrative services at the regional level.
3. Olifirenko Liliya, Didyk Olha — Institutional mechanism of public-church relations in the context of their constitutional settlement.
4. Ivanova Nataliia — The role of state influence in reforming of the region infrastructure.
5. Ditkovska Maryna — Theoretical foundations of formation and development of information systems in public administration.
6. Shevchenko Oleg — State formation and efficiency of personnel potential.
7. Kharchenko Yulia — Аspects of realization of state innovation policy of Ukraine in modern conditions.
8. Povna Svitlana — Public administration of regional innovation-investment processes in the conditions of decentralization of power.
9. Starchenko Grygoriy — Proactive project management in public sphere.
10. Mikhailov Viktor — Functioning of the fire-reliable system of Poland as components of social security: actuality for Ukraine.
11. Olyfirenko Yuliіa — Improving the mechanism of responsibility of local communities for well-being and safety of children.
12. Lashuk Oksana — Effect of financial decentralization on socio-economic development of regions.
13. Kvasha Nataliya — Implementation of methods of evaluation of innovative potential in scientific sector of higher educational institutions.