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ISSN(online): 2522-1752



Rebkalo Mykola, Academy of the State Penitentiary Service, Chernihiv, Ukraine

Language: ukrainian


The author shows that there is a package of measures for organizing a due probation and its growth in Ukraine. Effective usage of the probation personnel is a key way for realization of this task. The Ukrainian scientists of criminal law and public administration constantly research probation service problems. However the problems of probation personnel professional development stay topical. There are three types of probation in force by the legislation: pre-trial probation, supervised probation and penitentiary probation. The author states that the probation personnel is divided into military and civil one according to the criminal and executive legislation. The personnel has to master knowledge and practical skills to be ready to perform in all these types of the probation. Knowledge of the law disciplines, where penitentiary criminology occupies the key position can capitally helpit. These knowledge can help to prepare an objective pre-trial report, to perform the main tasks of the supervised probation and penitentiary programs and it may shape a subjective vision of social environment. The cognition of practical psychology is needed for the employees. It can actually help to evolve a convicts’ positive qualities required for his resocialization. The skills of psychological and correctional work with convicts may solve the main problems. For instance, to realize the psychological and correctional tasks quickly and effectively, to elevate the level of personnel’s professional training and to minimize the work of professional psychologists in the psychological and correctional work in probation. The process of employees’ training for social and educational work ought to link the requirements of the State standards on social services and probation legislation. Personnel’simprovements social and educational work level are to become a complex and integrated process for convicts’ lawful behavior, receiving the needed help by them and solving the problems related with conviction. The author mentions that the employees must master skills of penitentiary management for updating professional knowledge. In addition he shows that they need getting skills of interaction. There are some problems which are worth considering: teaching peculiarities in the interaction with local authorities; teaching the work with law enforcement bodies; learning the mechanisms of interaction with national economy subjects of various property; mastering the peculiarities of interaction with State and non-state institutions and organizations. The author believes that the offered ways of employees’ improvement process should be integrated into the valid system of training, retraining andpersonnel’s advanced training, for being appropriate to renovated criminal and executive legislature and providing qualified employees for probation.

Key words:

criminal and executive service, types of probation, probation personnel, division of the probation personnel,probation personnel improvement


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