(electronic scientific journal)

ISSN(online): 2522-1752

№1 (3), 2017

1. Butko Mykola — Institutional mechanisms of enhancing the performance of decentralization of authentic authorities.
2. Oliychenko Igor — Synergetics and self-organization in public administration.
3. Olifirenko Liliya — Improvement determinants of institutional development mechanism of agro-corporations.
4. Ditkovska Maryna — Theoretical foundations of formation and development of information systems in public administration.
5. Zadorozhna Svetlana — Actual issues of human resources for the united territorial communities in Ukraine.
6. Shevchenko Oleg — State regulation of investment activities in modern transformation conditions.
7. Kharchenko Yulia — Dynamics and trends the state of governance socio-legal protection of children deprived of parental care orphans in terms of numbers.
8. Murashko Mykola, Nazarko Svetlana — New educational standards as a basis for higher education reform.
9. Rebkalo Mykola — Probation personnel of the ministry of justice of Ukraine: division and ways of improvement.
10. Denysenko Kateryna — Swedish experience of implementation of the state policy in the sphere of social protection of elderly people and its adaptation in Ukraine.
11. Salkova Tetiana — Experience of formation and development of pension systems in the Еuropean Union.
12. Lashuk Oksana — Methodological basis of mechanisms of the government regional development regulation.
13. Povna Svitlana — Methodology of the project approach in the management of state investment projects.